Yubl is an iOS messaging app where users create canvases of content and interactive buttons to share and converse with their friends.

As a developer on the iOS team, I helped take a legacy Objective-C codebase with issues and iteratively refactor and improve it by moving it to Swift.

My time included a lot of work with animation, CoreText, interfacing with a chat and messaging API via sockets and working closely with the design and product teams in creating a fun, interesting app with many unique challenges when it came to the codebase.


In working with the Yubl product and design team, I created a number of tools including one to allow designers to customise the animations of the vote buttons within the app. Giving them this tool, they could tweak scaling, speed and duration, drop shadows etc to their liking. The tool would then spit out a Swift config file which the main app referenced for all it's animation values. This created a quick and productive workflow when giving non-developers full control over how the UI looked and reacted in the final product. Take a look at the following video to see how it looked...